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Plant Based Chemical Solutions
for Environmental and
Oilfield Applications

Industry Leader in Surfactant and Oxidant Remediation Technologies


EthicalChem provides innovative, surfactant-enhanced technologies that enable chemical oxidation to address the source of soil and groundwater

contamination in place, eliminating rebound and providing permanent clean up.​

oil production

Advanced Solutions for Remediation

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Surfactant Selection

The most important step in using surfactants for remediation is selection. Learn about surfactant screening tests and what they reveal about the risks of using a one-size-fits-all approach.





Learn in Under Five Series 


Watch our short video presentations, all under five minutes, on key topics to learn about our technolgies.







EthicalChem provides the oil industry with innovative, high-performance solutions including a single-step drilling mud filter cake remover and

high flashpoint, low vapor cleaning solvents.

EthicalChem’s patented S-ISCO® technology was implemented for the remediation of petroleum impacts at a former service station in TX.

EthicalChem ships E-Mulse surfactant to Spain for remediation of hydrocarbon contamination.

EthicalChem implemented a sequenced SEPR® and S-ISCO® treatment at a former MGP site in Illinois. 

South Windsor, CT, United States
Telephone: 860-640-0074  l  E-mail:

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