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About Us

Our Story


Ethical Solutions, LLC is a privately held Shepard Group company and markets its innovative chemical technologies under the EthicalChem brand.


Technology development was initiated in 2005 to address a technically challenging problem in the remediation industry – non aqueous phase liquid (NAPL). Treating this material through conventional chemical oxidation poses both physical and economic difficulties. Physically the ability to oxidize the NAPL it is limited since oxidation takes place in the aqueous phase, and the contamination is in a non-aqueous phase. In cases where there is bulk free phase material the amount of oxidant required to chemically treat a large contaminant mass would not be economical. The use of our plant-based surfactants with environmentally friendly oxidants overcomes this issue by delivering the NAPL to the aqueous phase where it can be easily be destroyed by the aqueous phase oxidants or it can be extracted.


Through years of partnerships with  universities, commercial entities, and government agencies including US EPA, University of Connecticut, Texas A&M, and University of Wyoming, our technologies have developed and evolved to be leading edge solutions for the markets we serve. Our surfactant-based solutions have expanded from the environmental industry to the oil production industry. Our plant-based formulas offer high flash-point, low vapor, safer solvents for oil industry applications, and also leadership performance in removing oil based drilling mud during well completion. 


We hold ten issued patents and seven patents pending for our remedial and oil industry technologies and products. We specialize in plant-based, green chemistry and strive to provide our clients with innovative, cost effective, high performance, and environmentally friendly alternatives in both the remediation and oil & gas markets.



    The Ethical Way


EthicalChem was founded on the principles that our customers, suppliers, and employees deserve to be treated respectfully, honestly, and ethically at all times. We are committed to conducting all aspects of our business honorably while making every effort to ensure the satisfaction and health & safety of our customers, suppliers, and employees comes first.


EthicalChem operates under a flexible business model to meet the needs and requirements of all customers. We provide services including bench scale testing to complete pilot or full-scale remedial design and implementation. We will provide the level of service you require from chemical sale only, project design, full onsite implementation, or technical support on or off-site.



About the Technologies


Our scientifically proven remediation technologies have been successfully implemented worldwide for remediation of LNAPL, DNAPL, creosote, and MGP contamination as well as other heavy hydrocarbon contamination. Through the use of environmentally friendly surfactants and oxidants, strategically designed injection plans, and tactical monitoring our remedial approaches are able to be safely applied in populated urban settings, near bodies of water, and around/under buildings and structures.


Our oil industry products are designed to deliver high flash-point, low vapor alternatives to the toxic products conventionally used for enhancement of oil well production. Working closely with leading companies in the oil & gas market as well as universities, our plant-based products have been carefully engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure we provide our clients with high performing solutions.



Advancing Our Technology


EthicalChem continues to leverage its Green Chemistry expertise and partnerships through continued joint research with leading academic and governmental research institutions to provide the most advanced solutions for Environmental and Energy Industry challenges.


Out technical team works with customers and partners to evolve existing products, test our products ability to meet specific client objectives and develop new solutions.



About Us


    Our Story


    The Ethical Way


    About the Technologies


    Advancing Our Technology


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