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Scale Dissolver


EthicalChem's scale dissolver is custom formulated to address a variety of scale compositions. It forms stable chelates with calcium, copper, and aluminum but has outstanding chelating power with the calcium ion; in this respect it surpasses all other cheating agents such as EDTA, NTA and related compounds. It has proven to be effective in dissolving barium sulfate scale, setting it apart from many scale dissolvers currently in the market. 


Customer testimonials for our innovative, new Scale Dissolver are featured in this video documenting successful implementation by our business partner Sahara Petroleum Services at Shell, GEMSA, Zeitoc, and Petrobel.





Oil Industry Technologies


EthicalChem offers high performance, plant-based chemical technologies for the oil and gas industry. Our solvent products are designed to deliver high flashpoint, low vapor alternatives to the products conventionally used for oil well production enhancement.

Scale Dissolver
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Green Solvents


EthicalChem's Green Solvents are solvent and solvent-surfactant blends, designed to be applied full strength or diluted with water for dissolving paraffins, asphaltenes, and hydrocarbon residues. Our plant-based formulations provide high performance, safe alternatives to xylene, toluene, benzene, and mineral spirits.


  • No carcinogens, ozone depleting compounds, or hazardous air pollutants


  • High flashpoints, easier for shipping


  • Safer for works and the environment​

Green Solvents Tests
green solvent, wellbore cleaner
Filter Cake Removal

Filter Cake Removal


Working in collaboration with Texas A&M, EthicalChem developed MudOut, an innovative, leadership performance, drilling mud filter cake remover that provides uniform breakdown of filter cake.



MudOut solubilizes, dissolves, and breaks down organic and inorganic components of filter cake in a single-step, creating water-wet surfaces and generating acidic conditions. MudOut eliminates the need for pre-treatment water-wetting or post-treatment acid injection steps while outperforming conventional approaches such as formic acid.


The MudOUT Advantage
  • Single-step: no pre-treatment or follow up treatments required


  • Uniform breakdown: no worm holes


  • Complete removal: addresses organics and inorganics


Performed better than formic acid:
                   MudOUT                                          Formic Acid

Test conditions:  5% brine at 190°F over 4, 8, 20, and 42 hours.

Learn more about MudOUT


MudOut, filter cake removal
MudOut, filter cake removal
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