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2016 Webinar Slides


We have completed our spring/summer series of webinars Integrating Surfactants in Remediation Technologies and Avoiding Contaminant Rebound. Thank you to our guest speaker remediation consultants, Scott Poyner of GST, Dave Kane of TetraTech, and Steven Panter of Fleming-Lee Shue. Slides from these webinars are available below.


We also invite you to view our "Learn in under 5" series which individually highlight important topics covered in webinars below in brief, easy to watch videos less than 5 minutes in length.


2019 Webinar

EthicalChem Surfactant-Oxidant Technologies
for Subsurface Contaminant Remediation

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About This Webinar:

EthicalChem speakers presented the company’s patented S-ISCO™ (Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation) and SEPR™ (Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery) technologies.  

EthicalChem’s technologies provide innovative enhancements to traditional chemical oxidation and surfactant flushing. S-ISCO and SEPR technologies are deployed to clean up source contamination in soil and achieve site objectives while avoiding contaminant rebound. 

The presentation includes lab and field data generated by third parties. Data and case studies are reviewed to demonstrate the ability for S-ISCO and SEPR to address subsurface organic contamination in situ cost-effectively, including heavy hydrocarbons and NAPL


Spring/Summer 2016 Webinar Series “Integrating Surfactants in Remediation Technologies and Avoiding Contaminant Rebound”


Chemical oxidation (Chemox) is a powerful technology for use in soil and groundwater remediation. It is however widely accepted that Chemox treatments alone often do not provide complete soil cleanup and allow contaminants to rebound, subsequently requiring multiple treatments.

EthicalChem has completed three educational webinars on how Chemox can be successfully implemented to address source contamination to provide permanent remediation solutions, typically through one implementation, which  eliminate rebound.


Integrating Surfactants in Chemical Oxidation Technologies


March 31, 2016








Surfactants can be very effective in improving chemical oxidation efficiency and performance.  The Integrating Surfactants in Chemical Oxidation Technologies webinar will include:


  • Background on Surfactant enhanced In-Situ  Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO)

  • S-ISCO Surfactants and  Surfactant Screening tests to determine optimal site-specific surfactant

  • Case Studies

    • Coal Tar

    • LNAPL

  • Mobilization control through simultaneous surfactant and oxidant injections

  • Reactions between oxidant, contaminant, and surfactant



Ethical Solutions Speakers:  

Jen Holcomb, Technology Manager,

Dan Socci, CEO 


Geologic Science and Technology (GST) Speakers:  

Scott Poynor





Enabling NAPL Removal Through Surfactants and Oxidants


May 4th, 2016








Sites heavily contaminated with NAPL can be cost effectively addressed by use of surfactant and peroxide for bulk NAPL removal. The Enabling NAPL Removal through Surfactants webinar will include:


  • Background on Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery (SEPR)

  • SEPR Surfactant Screening tests to determine optimal site-specific surfactant

  • Case Studies

    • Creosote

    • MGP

  • Sequencing SEPR with S-ISCO remediation


EthicalChem Speakers:  

Jen Holcomb, Technology Manager,

Dan Socci, CEO


TetraTech Speaker:  

Dave Kane, Manager, Geology and Environmental Sciences






Optimizing In Situ Chemical Destruction of Contaminants

Combining Surfactants and Oxidants with Treatment Enhancement Technologies


June 22, 2016








Sites heavily contaminated with the full range of organics, from chlorinated solvents to Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) coal tar can be cost effectively addressed by use of surfactants and oxidants. The Optimizing In Situ Chemical Destruction of Contaminants webinar topics will include:


• Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery (SEPR) and Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO)

• Surfactant Differentiation and Selection

• Remediation Case Studies

• Frequently Asked Questions


EthicalChem Speakers:

Jen Holcomb, Technology Manager

Dan Socci, CEO


Fleming-Lee Shue Speaker: 

Steven Panter, Senior Consultant, Fleming-Lee Shue

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