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EthicalChem Surfactant-Oxidant Technologies
for Subsurface Contaminant Remediation

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

About This Webinar:

EthicalChem speakers will present the company’s patented S-ISCO™ (Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation) and SEPR™ (Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery) technologies.  


EthicalChem’s technologies provide innovative enhancements to traditional chemical oxidation and surfactant flushing. S-ISCO and SEPR technologies are deployed to clean up source contamination in soil and achieve site objectives while avoiding or minimizing rebound.


The presentation will include lab and field data generated by third parties. Data and case studies will be reviewed to demonstrate the ability for S-ISCO and SEPR to address subsurface organic contamination in situ cost-effectively, including heavy hydrocarbons and NAPL.


The 35-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

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